Subic: A Quick Getaway

solitude.jpgSo I needed some alone time. To be by myself. To get some peace and quiet. I wanted a quick getaway from all the hustle in the office, from all the blunders I have been through lately. Take just a breather and be far from the noisy city.

I took a day off from work on a Friday and went to Continue Reading


Must-Have Packing Organizers For Travelers


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Packing small has always been a huge challenge for me. I am always that one person in our group who brings the biggest luggage every single time. Also, I am not a fan of backpacks and always go for the wheeled luggage even if it’s just a 3-day trip. I always get teased for bringing my entire closet and bathroom. My friends constantly remind me Continue Reading

My dementor called Acid Reflux

It started out in November 2015, I had strong palpitations one Sunday afternoon that lasted until the evening. When I went to bed, there was already a tight feeling on the left side of my chest followed by severe pain that radiated up to my shoulders as if someone was trying to rip my heart out. I got up and panicked at the Continue Reading

10 Things Aspiring TV Workers Should Know

So you want to work in television? Dreaming of becoming a part of the team behind that moving documentary you watched? Wanting to write and see those characters in your head come to life? Or maybe you just want to work with celebrities and famous personalities?

The tv industry may seem exciting and appealing. But it’s  Continue Reading