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Must-Have Packing Organizers For Travelers


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Packing small has always been a huge challenge for me. I am always that one person in our group who brings the biggest luggage every single time. Also, I am not a fan of backpacks and always go for the wheeled luggage even if it’s just a 3-day trip. I always get teased for bringing my entire closet and bathroom. My friends constantly remind me to check the weight of my bag before leaving the house to make sure I don’t have excess baggage.

I like having extra clothes, under wears and toiletries in case something unexpected happens. I just like the thought of not running out of the essentials and knowing everything I need is within arm’s reach.

I carefully plan the stuff I’d bring during trips, promise! I list them down to make sure I don’t leave anything important. I also group clothes that I’d wear for a specific day or activity, but I always tend to throw in an extra shirt, panty, add more lotion or a shampoo sachet.

singaporeBecause there isn’t much extra space, my luggage gets even more bulked up when I squeeze in the souvenirs that I’d bring home.

I feel secure when I have an extra of everything, I only realize that I brought too much when there are still pieces of unused clothing and shampoo when I unpack.

I understand the importance of bringing only the relevant stuff but when everything’s placed in my luggage I just put more stuff that I would suddenly think are necessary.


One solution to this to use packing cubes and luggage organizers to help travelers like moi, to take up less space and keep everything organized. A friend gave me packing cubes last Christmas and I was surprised that it can hold more stuff than I expected and marveled at the neatness of my stuff when I used it during my flight to Singapore (which you can know more about here). Packing cubes are lightweight bags that come in different sizes and designs. Some are water-resistant and could prevent clothes from getting blotched in case lotions or shampoo leak.

Here are some packing and travel organizers we can purchase in stores and online:

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Packing Cubes

From: Pac&Go Travel Accessories

Price: Php150 – Php250 each / Php580 set

These water-resistant packing cubes come in black with zipper and see through top. There are thin and thick cubes with different sizes. You can personalize and have labels or names printed on top or on the sides. They offer individual cubes or you can order a set at a discounted price.



Photos from: Pac&Go

From: OShopping Philippines

Price: Php655 6-pc. set / Php555 5-pc. set

If you prefer cubes in different colours and designs, you may order online from OShopping or call them at 800100. These too are water-resistant, light weight and multi-purpose. They only come in sets with a free foldable backpack.

packing-cubes-oshoppingpacking-cubes-oshopping-2Photos from: O Shopping PH

Drawstring Pouch Set & Shoes Organizer

From: Travelessential PH

travel-pouch-2Price: Php300

These colourful pouches are made of highly durable nylon materials with single drawstring closure. They’re multi-purpose and more flexible; you can put almost anything that fits. Instead of using plastic, you can keep wet swimsuits in these water resistant, reusable pouches.





Price: Php280

Pack up to 3 foot wears in this zip up shoe holder. Made out of water-resistant, lightweight materials, it has two zipper slider, main shoe compartment, and mesh pockets inside and out. The size is 8.46X11.4X5.1 inches.

Photos from: Travelessentials PH

Underwear organizer & Passport and Travel Documents Holder

From: Beauty and Wellness 22

Price: Php220

You can neatly store your undergarments inside the compartments of this organizer. Chic and trendy, there is plenty of room to pack a number of undies. The rectangular shape also prevents bras from getting crumpled and deformed inside your luggage.

Price: Php180 (Long Holder) P150 (Short Holder)

Keep your passport, ticket, cards, money, city guide and other important documents in this slim and stylish passport and travel documents holder. Store everything in one pouch and avoid the hassle of having to rummage through your bag and wallet to find these essentials you need on your flight.

Photos from: Beauty and Welness 22

Grid It Organizer

From: Chanyeolshoppe

Price: Php180

Secure phones, cables and other gadgets with elastic bands in this organizer that comes in square and rectangular shapes. Designed to hold items firmly in place, you can even put your tablet inside the back pocket.

gadgets-holdersPhotos from: Chanyeolshoppe

9 thoughts on “Must-Have Packing Organizers For Travelers”

  1. I’m a fool for organizers too and love packing cubes to keep everything neat. Another organizer I can recommend in a hanging toiletry bag with see-through pockets (Baggalini makes a great one) because counter space in a hotel bathroom can often be limited! I also have an assortment of pencil cases (cheap, different colors and also with a see-through front) which I use to organize everything from electronic cords, medications in small plastic bags and even as an on-the-go cosmetic bag. Anita

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  2. Someone once told me that the way to pack is to lay only what you absolutely need on the bed, then put half of it away. I passed that wisdom on to my partner–who’s a maximalist about packing. She wasn’t impressed. I was. I think it’s great advice, but I can’t say I’ve really followed it.

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