Exploring Singapore

Summary of my Singapore trip expenses at the bottom of this article

I went to Singapore last April with less than a month to prepare. The main reason – to see Chris Evans at the blue carpet premier event of Captain America: Civil War.  I wrote that here (Meeting Captain America).

Yep, I’m crazy like that.

To see Chris Evans and tour in Singapore – it’s a win-win situation. I was sitting in front of my computer at the office when I read the news online and it didn’t even take five minutes for me to decide.I messaged some of my friends who are living there and they agreed to see me. That gave me even more reason to go to Singapore.

On March 28, I booked my April 20-24 flight. The round trip ticket from Cebu Pacific cost P9, 687.10.

Some of my friends who’ve also been to Singapore got round trip tickets for as low as P6, 500 with advance bookings, while others booked for P15, 000+++ during Christmas holidays. So I think I still got a fair deal given the short period of booking time.
I was flying solo so I had to make sure that I would know my way around Singapore. I researched online, saved addresses and directions and printed them out. I also downloaded the Singapore maps app on my phone.

I had limited time and limited budget for this trip so I searched for a really affordable accommodation. I found 5 Footway Inn Project Chinatown 1  and booked for 3 nights in a 6-bed female dormitory which cost S$64.28 or around P2, 095 with free breakfast!

I arrived in Singapore at past 1:00 in the morning. Together with 4 other passengers, I took the shuttle van at the airport for S$9 to reach the inn. It’s easy to find their desk near the airport exit.

5 Footway Inn is located in Chinatown along the street of souvenir stores. It’s literally a few steps away from the Chinatown MRT Station. The very accommodating staff accompanied me to the 3rd floor where my room was located. The air conditioned room had 3 double deck beds, with fresh white sheets and pillow covers. The room though small, was very tidy. I was given a key card to access the main door, the bedroom and the individual lockers inside our room.

That night, I had roommates from Taiwan and Thailand.



The free breakfast consisted of coffee and juice, apples, cereals and milk, and bread with choices of spread that included butter, peanut butter and fruit jam. There were various coffee variants from the vending machine but I find them to be really strong. Water was also free and I would refill my bottle every time I go out to save some. I brought with me some longganisa from the Philippines which I gave out to my friends there and the staff allows guests to store food and groceries in their refrigerator.

Click photos to enlarge

Buying the EZ Link card (somewhat like our BEEP card) was necessary. I got mine at the MRT Station. The trip from Chinatown to Bayfront Station was just less than S$2. Some of the train rides even cost just a few cents. My entire day 1 was dedicated for the main reason I went to Singapore, to see Chris Evans during the blue carpet premier of Captain America: Civil War.

Inside The Shoppes, I had lunch at the food court for S$6 and soda for S$2.50. The food was some sort of a fried chicken with beans and rice but I didn’t finish, I find it odd and really couldn’t describe the taste. I find the Shoppes Mall to be really nice, they had all the high-end stores.

The event finished at past 9 in the evening.  I went out and took photos of the grand Marina Bay Sands Hotel and stayed at the Gardens by the Bay for a while to watch the lights show.


After that, I went back to the mall where they had an open-air cinema and was showing Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I was very proud of myself because I was able to reach my destination and go back to the inn without getting lost. Singapore’s train system is something to really admire and be envious about. How I wish we had the same train system in the Philippines.

Here is a summary of my itinerary:

Day 1:

-Whole day: Captain America blue carpet event at The Shoppes Mall

-Marina Bay Sands (sightseeing, free)

-Gardens By the Bay (sightseeing, free)

-Open-air Cinema at the Shoppes (free)

Day 2:

-Sentosa Island (sightseeing, free)

-Universal Studios Singapore (S$67)

-Vivo City

Day 3:

-Merlion Park (sightseeing, free)

-Cavenagh Bridge (sightseeing, free)

-Botanical Garden (sightseeing, free)


-Sri Mariamman Temple (sightseeing, S$3)

-Lucky Plaza Mall

On my second day I got up early to go to Sentosa Island where the Universal Studios is located. I decided to just buy my ticket at their entrance gate.

And there’s this stupid, embarrassing thing I did.

Again I took the train to Harbour Front where the terminal of Sentosa buses is located. I was so giddy and excited that day. I was so proud of myself that I got there all by myself. I told myself, what could go wrong? Nothing! I got this!

So I was at the terminal, taking selfies, thinking of all the exciting rides at the Universal Studios. Then here comes the bus and everyone who was there got inside. I followed. During the ride I was taking videos of the traffic, which was nothing like what we have in the Philippines. We were traveling fast on a rush hour. After around 30 minutes, I wondered why the trip was taking too long. So I asked the lady behind me if Sentosa was still far away and to my shock, she said I was riding a company bus and going the opposite way from Sentosa!!!

She stood up and talked to the driver in Chinese. We stopped and they asked me to alight the bus and pointed the direction where I could take a ride back to the terminal. I was so embarrassed hahaha! I got really far that it took me an hour to reach the terminal where I came from.

From there I waited again and when the bus came, I made it sure was going to Sentosa. I arrived there just in time, 30 minutes before the gates open. I bought the tickets at S$67 and there weren’t so many people.

I bought lunch at the fast food stall inside, fried chicken and fries that were all odd tasting and spicy and I wasn’t able to finish again.


The park opened at 10:00 am and I finished all the rides before 3:00pm.  I just roamed around Sentosa before taking the train to Harbour Front.

There I met with my friends, Camille and JR and their daughter, Jayda. They’ve been living there for more than four years. They took me to the Food Republic which is a food court that offer authentic cuisines from all around Asia. The food was fantastic and I had the first decent meal since I arrived in Singapore. It was heaven.


On day 3, I met with a family friend, Ate Veronica and her colleague, Lai whove been working there for over two years. We went to see the Merlion Park, the Botanical Garden and bought souvenirs in Chinatown.


Merlion Park


Botanical Garden

At the end of South Bridge Road in Chinatown, you can find  Shri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore built in 1827. There is a S$3 fee if you want to get inside and take photos. Foot wears must be removed at the entrance.

For three days in Singapore, I spent less than P7, 000 for food, train and bus rides and accommodation. The train ride cost was from .80 cents to S$1.80,you can buy meals for as low as S$4 or around P160+. My accommodation is S$64.28 or around P2, 095. Add the S$67 or around P2,500 ticket to Universal Studios, my round trip plane ticket which is P9, 687.10 plus the Philippine travel tax of P1,600, my overall expenses is less than P21, 000 (excluding souvenirs).

Singapore is really a lovely place not just to visit but to live in. They have very strict rules in cleanliness and order, the transport system is incredible and you’ll find all these wonderful places where you can hang out during your free time.

I hope to go back again soon and with stay longer than three days.




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  1. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter! I have been to Singapore twice and really liked it,


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