Meeting Captain America in Singapore

The moment he came out of that capsule sweaty and all beefed up, I knew I was in love. Captain Steve Rogers captured my heart like no other movie character. The skinny, fragile looking guy who tried so hard to be a soldier (and was turned down many times) proved himself to be the perfect person deserving of the super serum and shield that made him Captain America.


Though I’ve seen the movies of Thor and Iron Man that came out previously, Captain America: The First Avenger got me really caught up in the Avengers universe.  I kept up with the career of the man behind the star spangled tights and shield, Chris Evans whose exuding charm and sculpted physique made me feel like a 16 year old again.

In March 2015, during the Avengers: Age of Ultron premier, the cast attended the red carpet premiers in different locations; RDJ in Singapore and Chris Evans in China. With that, I knew the possibility that for the 3rd Captain America film, the cast would also attend the red carpet premier somewhere in Asia.

So in March 2016, as part of promotion for the Captain America: Civil War, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore announced on their website that they’ll be hosting the blue carpet premier (as counterpart of Iron Man’s red carpet event that will be held in London) and the Team Captain America cast including Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will be there with the main man, Chris Evans of course.

There were no second thoughts, I will fly to Singapore and see him in person.

The event will take place at the Skating Rink inside The Shoppes Mall on April 21, 2016. With less than a month to prepare, every single day, I could only think about seeing Chris.

Marina Bay Sands also launched a contest where you must upload a photo of yourself wearing an Avengers costume on your Instagram account and winners will receive an access inside the actual event area where the cast will walk on the way to the stage. Non-winners will be kept outside the fenced area inside the skating rink. The public can still see the cast but, I wanted to get close to Chris and hoped I could snap a selfie.


So I went to Divisoria to buy a shield and masks, and found clothes in my wardrobe that with the help of some magic, turned out to be close to an Avengers costume.

Please don’t judge me, desperate times call for desperate moves haha. Some crazy friends and workmates helped me to pull off this pictorial.

Sadly, I did not win.

I flew to Singapore on April 20, 2016. I arrived there at 1:00 am in the morning on April 21. For 9 SGD, I took a shuttle ride to my hostel, 5 Footway Inn in Chinatown.

The following day, I woke up early, had breakfast at the hostel and took the train to the venue.


But I wasn’t early enough. At 10:30 am, the place was already quite crowded. In my estimate, I think there were already 200 plus people in there who were already positioned just before the railings. I chose a place right behind the media pit. Oh how I wish I was inside the media pit just like what I do when we cover events and premiers back home. But this time, I was not representing any media institution, I was a nobody there, just one of the thousands of crazed fans wanting to see Captain America.

Fans from other countries also flew to Singapore, there were large groups of people from Thailand and Indonesia who came well prepared with banners and tarpaulins. I was there alone.


Before hitting the red carpet event, the cast attended the press conference and photo op somewhere else inside the Marina Bay Sands.

To start the program, a contest for costume players was held with contestants from all over Southeast Asia, the contestant from the Philippines wore a Captain America costume.

By the time the clock hit 8, the cast started coming out one by one and the audience became wild. The place I chose to stand proved to be a really bad one. Though I was second in line from the railings, the people in front of me (who were rude even before the show started) turned out to be really good in blocking the way of those behind them. They even elbowed us at some points when people from behind started pushing to get closer to the railings.

Director Anthony Russo came out first, followed by Anthony Mackie then Sebastian Stan. Of course they saved the best for last. When Chris Evans came out, all hell broke loose. I have to admit I cried when I saw him and called out his name. I didn’t mind the people who kept pushing to get closer, we were like sardines, even some of the men were crying when they saw him.


Chris Evans looked way even better in person, I didn’t get a good picture or video because I lost myself, but the sight of him will forever be etched in my mind.

All the expenses and hardships were worth it. You charming piece of a f@#king meatball.


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