10 Reasons Why We Fell In Love With El Nido

el-nido-palawanThey say that to see her beauty, one must pay a hefty price. So for a time I opted to explore other places; I was one of those Pinoys intimidated by El Nido’s reputation as a pretty pricey destination. This adds up to Continue Reading

Must-Have Packing Organizers For Travelers


Photo by http://www.oversixty.co.nz/ 

Packing small has always been a huge challenge for me. I am always that one person in our group who brings the biggest luggage every single time. Also, I am not a fan of backpacks and always go for the wheeled luggage even if it’s just a 3-day trip. I always get teased for bringing my entire closet and bathroom. My friends constantly remind me Continue Reading

Batanes: More of South Batan Island

South Batan Tour (Part 2) 

biking-batanes-5_fotorFor the second half of our South Batan trip, we toured around the the town of Ivana and Uyugan.

Marlboro Country

Known as Racuh A Payaman to locals and Marlboro Country to tourists, this is one of the most photographed locations in Batanes. The rolling hills in the municipality of Uyugan offer a truly majestic, breath taking view. Here, where some of nature’s bests seem to compete for attention, Continue Reading

8 Must See Spots in Batanes You Shouldn’t Miss

South Batan Island Tour (Part 1) 

marlboro hills 5.jpgMahatao is one of the six municipalities of Batanes, next to its capital, Basco. For the 2nd day of our trip, we toured around Mahatao in the morning and the municipality of Ivana and Uyugan in the afternoon.

Here are the places we visited: Continue Reading

8 Awesome Places To See in Batanes


“Ang Batanes hindi ginu-google, kundi ini-experience!” (Batanes should not be googled, it must be experienced!)

A line from the romantic-comedy film, “You’re My Boss,” which starred Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin. With wide and sweeping drone shots, the film, which half was shot in Batanes, showcased the beauty of the province. But, it still has so much more to offer. The charm of Batanes cannot be captured entirely in the movie screen.

About an hour and a half flight away from Manila, Batanes is an archipelago on the northernmost part of the Philippines and is 190 kilometers away from Continue Reading

My dementor called Acid Reflux

It started out in November 2015, I had strong palpitations one Sunday afternoon that lasted until the evening. When I went to bed, there was already a tight feeling on the left side of my chest followed by severe pain that radiated up to my shoulders as if someone was trying to rip my heart out. I got up and panicked at the Continue Reading

Themed Establishments


Hello Kitty Salon: Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon

From tables to chairs, cabinets, mirrors and wall decors, even the comfort room, everything is designed with the face of this cute cat.


Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon in Marikina City is owned by mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Mae and Jia Lindo. Both are huge Hello Kitty fans and the fondness of everything that’s Hello Kitty started when Mae was still in high school. As she grew up and started her own family, Mae continued collecting items. Her daughter Jia, grew up surrounded with her collections and it didn’t take long before she too, fell in love with the cute pink cat. Continue Reading